Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh, what a lovely eye you have...

Christmas is over and we are home from family in Missouri. The good stuff is what I'm choosing to remember and dwell on...I got to see family that I rarely see...I got to see my grandparents and due to a snow storm got to spend more time with them than I expected...I got to see dear friends that I rarely get to see in person...I got to see my husband supporting me through the stuff that happens everytime I go home.
Sadly, I find myself saying the same thing that I say every year - "Why do I go home for this?"...our adoption is still not a favorite topic in my family...and heaven forbid I try to speak honestly about issues we are going through. Apparently, everyone in life changes - except me. I must still be the exact same person I was 25+ years ago...because no one credits me for anything positive. Why, as children, do we feel that we have to hang on? It's hard to let a parent know. I should be a pro - I've done it with one parent...oh's just sad.
I looked into my future and hoped for more brilliant times with my children when they are grown. Who knows?

DD didn't have a great Christmas - poor baby. She had nothing on her list that we allow...and she doesn't play with toys - so our options were limited. Of course, she was disappointed to not get all the swag she thought she'd get and was tired of the things she did get in about 10 minutes. I do, honestly, feel so badly for her...I want her to play and enjoy life. However, DS2 did awesome - he can keep himself busy and really loved his gifts - ESPECIALLY his iPod! And DS1 really acted remotely polite during all our visiting with folks. That's a gift in itself!

I hope that each and every one of you had a GREAT holiday...with love and happiness surrounding you (or at least no blood and major tears)! Welcome in 2010...I'm excited to do so with friends and kids. I even bought the 2010 glasses...because's the last year for those for awhile, right? How do you find a place for 2 eye holes in 2011...or 2012...maybe in 2013, they'll make the bottom of the 3 have a hole...but there is a limit to where you can put eyeholes, I would think. So, unless you are a cyclops - buy the 2010 glasses NOW!


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, M! I hope that 2010 brings good times, good changes where needed and good feelings about what doesn't need to change.

    And as always, I hope the opportunity comes for me to visit once or thrice when I'm in the area on business or for frolic.


  2. Happy New Year ! Enjoy those glasses. You're pretty convincing. I may need a pair..hehehe.
    I survived Christmas. It was a success. It was the Mon. Tue. and Wed. that followed that I don't care to speak about right now : (