Saturday, June 12, 2010

First phone call

We talked to DS2 this morning! He sounded healthy and overall happy. He told us all about his first week. In classes he is doing well: 100% on a language arts test, feeling secure in math (he says it's WAY easier than math here), learning about the Civil War in SS and he wasn't quite sure how to address what he's doing in science.

He has NOT been on the campus list (the 'punishment' list) once. In fact, he and his roommate are model citizens, with the cleanest room! He seemed proud of even his chores of moving trash from campus to the pick up point for the truck.

All the seventh graders are being moved to a different dorm...there seems to be a BIG group of these younger kids. He and his roomie are getting the 'show' room since they've done so good. Their room will be the room that the headmaster uses on tours. DS2 is quite proud of that, as are we! We were also just happy and relieved to hear that he is friends with his roomie and a pretty long list of others.

We talked for our full 'allottment' of time and then I was telling him good-bye. He sounded a bit sad. I think the weekends will be harded since they aren't as structured as weekdays. But, he said he had plans. We were all four sitting on a couch with him on speaker and listening to him talk more than we've heard in years...

It's all good right now. Perhaps sometime this week I'll be able to go for more than five minutes without thinking "what is DS2 doing right now?"...and perhaps, I'll stop calling every living thing in my house by DS2's first name...I think my dogs are very confused!

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