Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leaving so soon?

DS2 leaves tomorrow. His four weeks home have been very trying for all of us. I'm sure most of all, it's been hard on him.

He came back to a family. That includes expectations. That doesn't work for all. He doesn't even like the positive things we think of as family.

Going places with us is not fun for him. No matter where we go. He skipped out on many day trips during this time home. He knew that we didn't want to deal with lots of drama, so he created it whenever he didn't want to do something. That was often.

If given the chance, he would have not gone anywhere.

Tonight we are going to his favorite restaurant for dinner. Not making a big deal of it, it's more for us than anything. When he found out where we were going - nothing. No reaction at all. Ahhh...well...

So, he gets on a plane and takes off for a full year (with 3 small trips home). No sorrow in his heart...and more sadly, very little sorrow in mine.


  1. M, as hard as it is, let him go, you cannot force someone to love you, you just can't. It is obviously a forced situation and everyone, including him, is better off living apart. He will grow one day and maybe his heart will grow to love you once it matures but for now, let him go (physically and emotionally) for now. Sometimes thats the way it is, sadly...

  2. You are all still family, but sometimes it takes extraordinary measures to maintain that...such as DS2 living apart from you. Lately, I wonder if that might be something we need to try with our oldest if things continue as they are presently.