Wednesday, August 18, 2010

searching for part time satisfaction

I think I'm taking a part-time job. I think about it on and off every few months. But, most times, there was a very good reason why I couldn't. Certain kids who couldn't be alone or special circumstances that would keep me from doing this thing...something that I really want to do!

Now, there really isn't an excuse.

I've found a wonderful fit for our lives. I get to work 4 hours a day and it's active work...up and moving. Not a real brain tester at all - but I can't tell you how excited I am. Tonight I'll discuss what it means for everyone in the family. Really, it doesn't mean that much. And...that is why it should, it will, work.

One hour alone for my high schooler...and 15 minutes with her biggest brother for my daughter. Dinner will be, perhaps, a bit later each evening (but, let's be many families eat at 5:30 on the dot everyday?). No one will miss practice or activities. No pantry will be empty and no ouchie will go un-bandaided.

The real change will be for me. I will actually be expected to be somewhere every day. Someone will see me come in a door and say "great to see you". My family is, of course, generally happy to see me. But, you don't get that excited when someone is ALWAYS there!


  1. I think that is great ! Best of wishes and I look forward to reading about it !

  2. Yeah, I like it! You will love it and your family will survive just fine. How fun for you and I know what you mean about someone always glad you came in, its a good feeling and it has nothing to do with you family life, its only for you! Good Luck! (Sharon in NC)