Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mountain update...

Just in...DS2 is home in one piece and the first thing I can report is that there was NO REPORT from the 'camp'. Maybe even bigger news if that he brought EVERYTHING home that he took with him in the first place. This may seem like a small thing...but from the child who forgets where his shoes are on a daily basis...this is HUGE. He was very proud to unload and watch me check it all off. He's in a good mood - bit of a lost voice and tired...but is being so compliant and loving. What a nice thing!

For the few of you who have commented recently and are 'new' readers - and all my old readers also! I appreciate each and every comment and am too tech non-savvy to know how to reply directly to you!!! It really does help to know there are others who get it and have lived in the trenches with's what gets me through many days. I hope that maybe just reading one thing that 'sounds like your life' can get you through a day a little easier!!!

Tomorrow Grown in my Heart is starting a blog carnival. Look for the Things I wish I Had Known Before Adoption here on my blog as well as checking out all the other writers and please join in on your blog as'll be able to hook up through Mr. Linky! Check it out tomorrow at!

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  1. M, you can comment back to folks "here" by just writing another comment on this page...a comment seemingly to yourself, but in reality, in response to someone else. 9~))