Wednesday, October 28, 2009

End of snow day 1 is out again tomorrow. Snow day one ended for DD like this. I was having her help me with fun stuff. We are hosting our friends for a game day tomorrow and I want to make it we were making score cards and different game stations to rotate through. She was cutting papers slips for folks to write down their charades topics. Then...this:
Me: Why is this napkin here? (...I must admit that as soon as why came out of my mouth I knew it would end badly. I hate that I still do that...especially since I knew the answer.)
Her: I have no idea. (I knew that she had spilled the napkins earlier during dinner and probably just missed one...I knew that she knew that, too.)
Me: Really?
Her: If you want me to tell the truth, you have to tell me that every time. You know how sometimes when you ask me something you say, the truth is the only option, tell it the first time. Well, if you don't say that, then I think I can lie. It's your fault I lied just now.
Me: Go to bed.

Oh my...she really does find a way to blame everything on me. I'm so terrible, how could I not remind her to be honest about a stupid freakin' napkin??????

Can't wait for snow day 2. She won't be at game day...


  1. Seriously though, I envy that your daughter speaks and blames you. At least she will SPEAK. If I asked M why the napkin was there she would not say a single thing. Nothing. The other day I asked her for 14 minutes straight, " Why didn't you ask me to do the homework with you?" She would NOT ANSWER. INFURIATING. My heart rate is going up just commenting about it! I consider you lucky : )

  2. Not to mention then she wrote about our incident in her diary and strategically left it open on her dresser and she didn't even answer the darn question there! UGH! She just wrote how she didn't answer me.