Saturday, October 31, 2009

The furniture man will...

Take me home. Ahhhh....yes. I will admit the salesman at the furniture store yesterday was a little weird. Who looks at a family with three tweens/teens and says "who is the nicest kid in this family?" That is a strange question and I've heard a lot of them. Well...he pointed straight at DD and says "I bet she is because she is so darn cute...those boys look like little devils". WHAT??? So, since DS2 was/is having a great streak - I said "actually, DS2 is doing a wonderful job of being polite, DD is struggling a bit with the truth, which makes her not as nice and well, DS1 is a teenager and very quiet. They are all great kids in their own way and we try not to measure them against one another."
It didn't stop. As we were sitting down to work out the final prices for what I wanted (it took a little while) - he kept looking at DD and saying things like "You must be such a fun little girl to have around"..."You look so special"...I started thinking - ummmm...child molester? He wasn't doing this to either boy. It was weird. I held her on my lap (let me also add that her time in the store was filled with name calling to me and her brothers and lying...but never in front of her new bestest buddy) and kept her close. She was wanting to wander to other desks and did at one point get another salesman to ask her math facts and use his calculator to impress him with her skills.
After we left (on the way out he complimented all three of my kids for being so 'good'), she gets in the car and says "whatever you think, I can always look good...that furniture man would take me home today".
She is playing all of this like a fiddle...I will give her this big compliment (probably very back handedly) - she is smarter than me on even a good day at figuring out how to take a bad moment and turn it to her advantage!

By the way - I hope you all have a great and safe Halloween. I hope all the ghouls, goblins and little princesses or frogs get great candy (and you can hide it quickly) and enjoy their 'scary' night out!


  1. That's creepy. I know DD played into it, but the salesman was way out of line. Honestly, I'd notify the store management.

  2. I went to M's classroom for the first time this yr on Friday. I watched her work the ENTIRE room. I'm surprised they didn't all bow down to her. She had her own paparazzi...especially the boys. Not to mention the teacher has her sitting at a table with all boys and on the bus with a boy. I'm sure you know the thoughts going through my head with that one. So yeah, home schooling actually crossed my mind while there... that and 'I wish I had a tranqulizer' : ). Her RAD is X 1,000,000 there at school. Her ESL teacher came up to me and said, " She is SO smart but what a talker she is!" Big smile plastered on her face because she just loves her so darn much. Guess this woman 'forgot' M's 504 plan and how she isn't supposed to let her be a 'talker' in class. Sorry for the rant!

  3. I think that's why people wonder about the parents of RAD children because the kids can act so wonderful in public and so horrible at home. It won't make you feel any better, but we found that by mid to late teens, the behavior starts to bleed into the public arena with drugs, smoking, stealing, lying. Our oldest is even able to manipulate policemen. Even though he has been arrested multiple times, they always let him off. Not sure when society will make him pay consequences for his actions because he can always make somebody feel sorry for him.