Monday, February 8, 2010

The wide world of sports...joyfully

We went to a college basketball game this weekend. It was DS2 and DD's first college experience. We attend many, many sporting events and it usually doesn't go well. But, it's something we (DH and I) love and I won't lose it and yes, I keep taking them all, hoping for something amazing to happen and then - it DID! We had fun...we had no meltdowns and on the side, a few cool 'awakenings'!

DS2, as you know, doesn't like school. He hears us discuss college - with our smarty pants headed to high school, it's a topic that comes up in our house more often now. DS1 already seems to have big plans - all which take him far, far away from home. As we drove up to the campus (about 1.5 hours from our house), DH continued to espouse the joys of being closer to home...laundry service and easy drives home for cash being at the top of the list. I know that DS2 and DD hear and enjoy some of these conversations...and we include them - but DS2 would always say "nope...I'm not going to college"!

We sat near the student section at the game - yelling, costumes, face paint, overall craziness...and DS2 LOVED it. He asked lots of questions and couldn't believe that this, too, was part of college life. They study and go to class and have fun? Really? About half-way through the game he says "So, if I go here...". I could have cried. Not that it's the whole measure of him or any person, but it's a dream I've always had. College was a great time for me - my friends now are mostly from those connections. I loved every second of it. I've always hoped that all three of my kids would get to experience that - and the obvious benefit in the workplace that follows!

DD was enamored by the cheerleaders and sat quietly - except at correct cheering moments through the WHOLE game. People - 2.5 hours of calm, relaxed, joyful behavior from my precious daughter. Wide eyes and normal sensical questions...drinking a soda without purposefully spilling it...just too many wonders to name. Not one loud word about someone around us either...those words are almost always embarrassing! I hope this is a great side effect of her new med combo - she's now on risperdal and tenex - but more than that, I hope it's a bit of maturity and just plain ole' happiness settling her anxious soul.

We were there to root for the away team - my old alma mater...and folks were very nice and cordial. Happy ending because my Tigers won big...great conversation driving home...and actual excitement for the Super Bowl. Which concluded with another long marathon of watching the game, understanding it and actually ENJOYING it with my children. Great snacks (diet be darned for one evening...but oh, too much cheese in our bellies)...and happy attitudes.

I know it can be taken for granted - if you have kids that like to do things that you like to do...and do them with joy. Even if you have kids that do things with joy that they don't like to do.

This weekend was a reminder of how far we've come and how great the journey may turn out to be...remind me of that in 6 years when I'm paying for 3 college educations. I must continue to smile!!!

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