Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do you believe in Miracles?

My Rockies just came back from a 7 run hole in the 9th inning and WON THE GAME. If you aren't a big baseball fan...that may not mean much. But, if you follow much of America's game...

You know that is a VERY big deal!!!

I'm a freak fan. Really - I read every bit of info I can get - we go to a lot of games every year. Our whole family knows the name of every guy on the field and bench. It starts to feel like they are part of our family.

Tonight, my family WON!

In every season, there is a moment where and hinge swings. In 2007, they won 21 of 22 to make the playoffs, eventually landing in the World Series. Yes, you Boston fans...you kicked us good...but we made it there - can't take that away.

Tonight was the hinge for this season. They'll be talking about tonight when we do something great this year!

There are also hinges in our lives. I can't wait to call DS2 and tell him about the game. He can wear his Rockies hat with pride on campus now...

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