Friday, July 16, 2010

He's on his way

He's coming home tonight! DH and DS2 are currently sitting at an airport in Kentucky - where, apparently it's *(#)@%! hot and humid. I'm nervous.

I'll admit it. Seeing my son right now makes me have a lot of feelings...but number one is definitely nervous.

When DH called today to check in I wanted to ask a million questions. Does he look different? Was he happy to be coming home? Did he ask about me? Don't those all sound like questions you would ask as a love-sick teenage girl when your boyfriend was coming home from college?

What the heck is wrong with me?

The answers were yes, he looks a bit more grown up. He didn't really comment on coming home, but seems in good spirits and he didn't really ask much of anything. So, I'll be standing there tonight when they pull in the driveway, holding up my (very pretty) homemade "WELCOME HOME" sign and praying.

Praying I will see a kid that wants a hug from me...and maybe a kid who wants to hug me back.

His summer went pretty well. He had a few run-ins with the 'law' of the school. Didn't seem totally motivated to complete all the things he was supposed to complete. But, he answered for that there - right where he should be held responsible. Not here...home doesn't need to be the saving ground for him anymore - at least for now. I'm hoping behavior can be a non-issue for his four weeks at home.

The next few days are busy...all the stuff you don't realize you do with your kids - I have to do in a short amount of time. What a welcome home gift - new glasses, catching up on shots at the doctor's office, getting braces, haircuts, back to school much fun in so little time.

I'm so thankful he will be able to go on our summer vacation with us. He did miss a lot this summer, but I think his stories probably beat ours! He experienced things we could not have given him here. Responsibility being among the top in my mind.

So, I'm sitting and counting down the hours until I can meet him in the driveway...and I'm ok with feeling butterflies!

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