Saturday, July 24, 2010

Very sad day

We are on vacation. It isn't what we planned.

On July 23 at 1:53 am, my brother in law died at his home. Where we are staying...

The kids witnessed more than I wish they had, there wasn't really time to make a better plan. I'm blessed to have been 'in my senses' and able to maintain some form of control...

He died in his sleep, but we don't know why or how. We are still waiting for answers. I called 911 and helped my husband perform CPR on his own brother. I've been so blessed to not have death touch my life very often...yesterday it was literally in front of me. Can't quite get past the picture.

Been trying to keep life moving for the kids. There are lots of people here supporting the family and we are going to head back early so that DH can come back for the funeral. The kids seem ok, we've talked about it and they get that it totally stinks, is completely unfair - but happened. We can grieve - each in our own way - and support others that are grieving...beyond that there is little any of us can do.


  1. Oh, M. I'm so sorry. What a rough day for everyone. I can't imagine what your husband must be going through. Sincerest condolences.

  2. How heartbreaking..I'm so sorry.