Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 is 4 days old

First of all...second semester of DS1's freshman year has just begun and it's time to register him for his sophomore year. I don't know how they really expect us to know what classes he should take. We don't even know what classes he'll do well in this semester. So, the pressure now sits on his 14 year old shoulders to sign up for AP, College ready, Honors and basic classes. I do not remember the stress of these decisions when I was in high school. On his first night back to school he had four hours of homework. Then you read about AP and it tells you over and over that it's a larger homework committment. How is a kid supposed to feel good about committing to more than 4 hours of homework per night? Keeping up with the Joneses has never felt so scary...I hope that pushing him to do his best is not causing him to scrape the bottom. In the end, we will let it be his decision...painful as that may be!

DH spoke to DS2 last night. He was in good spirits and had no real complaints. He seemed very excited that all the new kids were coming in - school classes started there today - and was looking forward to meeting them all. I didn't talk to him. I will say that I'm sick - truly am - and have been basically sleeping for 4 days. But, deep down...I just wasn't ready to talk to him. I want to have positive things to say when I do talk to him. I'm not there yet. Christmas break was again, painful. I can say a million times that I won't get my hopes up, but I do. After they are dashed again...well, it's hard to stay positive.

DD is doing well over all. She continues to sabotage herself in tiny ways. Today she spent the better part of the day worried that she didn't know what two of her spelling words meant. She knew she would have to write sentences tonight and was so worked up before she even got home. I wish she could gain some perspective...but after five years I have to realize, she just may not ever gain that perspective.

DH is fighting with insurance companies over his mom's benefits. It's stressing him out majorly. Life becomes confusing when you have to start caring for the people that used to care for you. Full circle...

I hope that everyone is well and happy in these first few days of the new year! Can't believe it's 2011!!!