Thursday, February 26, 2009

home (and not sick)

We are back from Florida. Wasn't sure what I'd walk into last night. Our friend who was with the kiddos said it all went well...but that isn't always how I get treated. However, I had one very excited young lady on my hands - I was attacked at the door. DS2 kinda hung back, but gave big hugs when approached and DS1 was happy to see us, although he needed to pretend he wasn't. We had a nice time and a few days away does a soul good. I'm back on the horse and ready to fight the battles and praying there won't be any big ones for awhile. I can tell that DS2 had a little regression, evening was a little painful and morning was a bit rough...but minor. While filling in people that I only see once a year - I did realize that we've come a long way. This was our year of diagnosis, beginning and meds and maybe the first time I've admitted what we are dealing with out loud. I think when people say "how's the family?" - they expect a quick reply of 'fine'. I must have looked a bit crazy. Oh, two kids with attachment disorder at my house...loads of fun all the time. Anyone else have a kid spit in your face this year???
A great lady and friend told me that 7th grade boys are insane, so I'm reveling in the fact that it's not just DS1. We will survive his trials and tribulations as well as the others.
We went kayaking while in Florida and DH and I shared a duo kayak (I'm sure it has a real name...). All the other folks were calling it the divorce maker. We did ok, kinda took turns paddling and annoying each other by going crooked. Left the water still great victory there! I figured out I'm a better packer when packing for all 5 of us. I did poorly for just two...could barely fit everything back in!
Getting back into the swing today, but wanted to check in!

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