Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jimmy Walker's sick

You know - we've been having some really "GOOD TIMES" around here lately...Dy-No-Mite. The littel annoyances are still at a high level, and there are times that those can pile up so high I feel like I'll never dig out - but over all - good stuff. Today, DD is sick - actually home from school sick. That has never happened. In three years - neither DD nor DS2 have stayed home sick. Unbelievable? A bit...I like to think they built up super-immunity in the orphanage. Like a super power that only they could have (ok, plus the millions of other kids in orphanages)...but for our family...they are the blessedly healthy ones. I'm actually pretty happy that she was here today. It seemed like a bonding experience. I took her to the doctor (she has croup) and to the pharmacy and we stopped to eat (I felt like a terrorist possibly infecting all those innocent people at Tokyo Joe's) - well, I ate and she picked. Which leads us to my other obssession lately:
Weight. Not even mine. DD gained 7 pounds in 2 months. That seems excessive to me...I worry about her becoming a chunky monkey. I think that has to be so hard for a kid. Yes, I'm a tad on the chunky side now - but never when I was younger. I'll place the blame for my issues solely on DS1's shoulders - had him and have never been the same. Anyway, valid points for her weight gain are that it's a growth spurt and the height just hasn't bumped up yet or early onset puberty issues. OMG - I do not want her to get the girlie stuff for awhile...until we get her anxiety under control. Which brings me to issue #3 (or 4...lost track).
We saw the psychiatrist. DD is on Celexa for her anxiety/depression. I don't think of her as a depressed kid, but he says it will help calm her thoughts and should also slow the ADD characteristics...if she can think without the anxiety, she'll be calmer - that is the idea. We'll see. DS2 is holding steady with the Concerta - it really does seem to be we're sticking to that path for a couple more months.
Oh, Jimmie Walker - you too cool dude with the awesome clothes (how about plaid pants when you aren't golfing) - please stay at my house! Forever...

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