Monday, February 2, 2009

where's my yellow flag?

I love football...really love it. I can watch any game at any time and feel good. I cheer for the underdog, I scream at the tv, it's a complete release for me. That's why the Super Bowl is sort of a sad occassion for me - football is over for the season. But, the game was great - although I wanted the Cardinals to stage the great upset. I even knew what was going to happen - called it, as it were. DD watched the game with us - mostly because we threw a mini-party and there were chips/salsa, cookies, pizza - really healthy stuff sitting about + I explained the great commercials! Every time someone caught a pass, she yelled "interception". I explained the difference between an interception and a completed pass - she kept yelling interception. I'm guessing it was just her oppositional side because I'm SURE she knew what she was doing. She had her barbies out and was singing to them in her play - great except refer to line one. I tried HARD to leave her be. She was in the room with us by choice and I was not going to let her ruin it for me. Eventually DS2 joined us. He is really into drawing, which is awesome and he's good at it. He drew me a wonderful picture of the Cardinals and Steelers as superheros battling to the death. OK, so death, blood and gore are omni-present in his drawing, but he is concentrating on something and enjoying it and very proud. I don't see that from him too much. DS1 was at a Super Bowl party of his own...which he didn't enjoy...again, with the age???

So, I am thinking that I could parent like an NFL referee. Have a yellow flag (in my case 10 flags for multiple penalties on one play) in my pocket and throw them whenever a rule is broken or a boundary pushed. No words. That would be great for me. Maybe I could even give the kids one red challenge flag for the times they really feel there is more to the story than what I know. Hmmmmm....while this started out as a joke (only in my head, I find myself much funnier than others do), it might be a good idea. Football is a real and central part of our lives and they would get that - maybe even find it cute and funny (for awhile?) - it could take away my need to constantly be preaching. Look, I know that the talking is like Charlie Brown's teacher in their heads...yes, I know that! I just can't stop.

Only ONE DAY LEFT before we see the psychiatrist. I can't explain how happy I am - I'm trying to not hope for a miracle - I don't want to be disappointed - I'm just praying for relief for the kids. Which, in turn, would be relief for me, DH an DS1. Oh, the glory. We'll see...

DH is gone again - the weather is warmer - so barring any major disaster, we should be ok. And, yes the heater did get fixed!


  1. I love the yellow flag idea...might have to borrow it.

  2. i think the flags are a great idea. we've got several teachers who use the yellow card/red card that they use in football (aka SOCCER) for behavioural issues. works like a charm. the kids know why they're getting carded.

  3. and the word verification on the last post was "guinesse" so that makes you a genius. or in need of a guinness.