Friday, January 30, 2009

who thought this was a good idea?

So, DH has to do his job. This, I understand. His job does not usually require much travel. I've always followed with rapt attention those of you who survive often without spouses at home. I know I couldn't do it...however lots of travel is hitting all at once. I was worried about being the only caretaker for all these days (read the crazy lady with a bat - HA, HA...I don't have a bat...well, not one that I use on the children). Here is what has actually happened in the last few days:
*Yes, I went crazy a time or two...might have said some crazy things...probably muttered under my breath.
*Attended parent teacher conferences and found out that overall things at school are good. DD has a new friend who is apparently a bit bossy (and I already thought she might be stalkerish) and behavior from DD with said friend is not poster worthy...crud!
*broke a sink...the plug went down but won't come up - it's one of those poppy kinds (how about that technical knowledge people?) and I continue to forget three days later and use it...thankfully it drains very slowly so no overflow yet! I'm shocked at how much water I use to wash my's like a sink full...I need to go on some kind of water diet - but I really detest not perfectly clean hands. Not like I'm Howie Mandell or anything...but you know...just like a little clean when I leave the potty.
*The heater went down. It's now 52 degrees inside my house and about 30 degrees outside. I'm covered up like a woman climbing Everest. It's REALLY COLD. It took me two days to finally investigate - yes, 2 days ago I remember thinking:'s feeling a bit chilly and I haven't heard the heater come on. I walked by the thermostat thing probably 1000 times, but if I don't have it on a to-do ain't gettin done! Be A U tiful...I'm going to be a popsicle by the time DH gets home tonight.
*The dogs have literally run a ring around the trampoline and therefore it's like a moat. Pure ankle deep mud. Of course, they want to go out 100 times a day and the clean up is impossible - I can't catch them both to clean them. Therefore I decided it was easier to deal with accidents than mud. Yes, that is both a lazy and self-preserving choice right now! I want that trampoline gone I tell you!!!

Don't leave me alone again - there is only so much more I can break!

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  1. i would have checked into a hotel by now if we didn't have heat. you are a hearty woman.