Friday, May 8, 2009

the conclusion...

So, after our lovely ride home I asked my daughter to complete what should have been a fun and creative assignment. She could make anything she wanted for her dear teacher as part of a end of year gift. Well, she copied verbatim what another child had written and then declared her innocence over and over and loudly. When she lost her birthday cake (yes, I am THAT evil), she went to her room and wailed out the open window. It's a little like Romeo and Juliet, except she's hoping for a new mom on a white horse and not a hot man. So, we sang happy birthday over chicken strips (homemade at least) and french fries. A lovely evening was had by all - except her!
DS1 has his first official girlfriend. DH feels strongly that we should meet her, so I think it's happening tonight. I guess I somewhat just wanted to ignore it - but she's going to come to the kid's birthday party and at least, I'll be busy. I'm a mom who feels like I need to be a bit cool for these older kids and that causes pressure sometimes!
DD is home from school today for mommy camp. I think she'll earn back school by lunch time - it's up to her. She went yesterday and cheated...after the evening of consequencing for cheating. Last night she was a big hold out on wanting to do things mommy's she had a fun evening of re-doing a somewhat failed math test over and over. Funny thing was (there was also a language sheet) - she was leaving out periods in the abbreviations. She finally yelled...I don't know that a period goes there and there. seems like you know. She realized she had screwed up and shown her hand and cried for her loss of that control. During cuddles last night, she admitted that she hates to do what I want. Although we all know that's true - it's one of the first times she has admitted it and I'll take it as a good sign!
Party tonight - heaven help me!

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