Thursday, May 21, 2009

hymnal happiness

DD enjoys singing...I think I've written about it before. She'll belt out any tune on the radio and really rocks with her karaoke machine! (so do I)
Lately, she is struggling with keeping busy on her own. I have her in pretty much line of sight...but for us that doesn't mean that I keep her busy all the time. So, she still must find things to do within my space (and out of it when I need a major break). A couple of nights ago she came up with the idea of writing songs. I thought it was brilliant and really encouraged her to do so.
Now, I was raised in a penecostal environment and some of those songs have stuck with me. During her time with us, we have gone to church on and off...but we are definitely not regular worshippers. I'm not proud of this fact - much guilt from my youth accompanies these facts...but it is where we are right now! So, she has written three songs. They are very cute and actually could probably be hits - in the world of Christian rock. Where is this coming from? Every line is about God being with her and her being God's best friend. There is some therapy talk in there (I'm a respectful girl and God loves me for it)...but mostly just about God in her life and all. Now, I have no problem with this information...I hope that she does feel God's presence in her life - whatever that means to her...I'm just mystified.
Where would this be coming from? We just don't talk about it least this is a non-worrisome thing to ponder!

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