Saturday, May 9, 2009

The me show

Oh, how I used to love days to celebrate myself! My birthday ranks up there a bit higher than Christmas...and once I became a mother, I added Mother's Day to the small list of days that were ALL ABOUT ME! Except, now it isn't. It's a lot about the pain of my children and the pain that they hope to perhaps inflict on me.
I should be on cloud nine and ready for my gifts (not sure I'm getting any) and my special treatment...maybe a massage or pedicure...or just a nice walk on a nice day. Instead I feel like I'm preparing for battle. Not that I'm going to duke it out with my children - it's more like duking it out with myself. I just want to make it through the day and not let them ruin every aspect for me. I want to open my mind to understand why they can't enjoy this day and maybe let them see that it's ok to like me a little even on this tough day. I don't even know if they celebrate a day for mother's in Russia. But, if they do - my kids didn't have a lot to celebrate.
On top of the heap is DS1 and his craziness...not creating the most loving environment either. I have no big plans tomorrow. I'm going to figure out all the cool stuff on my new car and all I asked for was Pizza Hut pasta for dinner - see, no one even has to cook.
Today I had my best friend take DD for a few hours while I went to baseball. I just needed a bit of time away. How blessed I am to have a friend who cares about me and my children enough to offer this help. DD had a nice time being away from me and behaved well. I didn't do it to punish was for a refreshment of my spirit. When she got home we hung out at that park and she showed me some tumbling she's working on (dang, she's good!!!). It was a nice time.

So, maybe tomorrow is more than just another day - although perhaps not the national holiday all for me (and you other mother's) that I daydream about! But, my birthday still is and always will be the greatest show on Earth!


  1. I hope you have a great day

  2. Ugh and hugs - to be honest, because I am away from most of my kids this year due to the whole kidney thing, I am rather enjoying my stress free mothers day! :) *lol other than the cancer part!* anyways, did you read this post yet? WELL worth the read for those of us with older kids.