Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meatloaf in the car

I like music. It's a memory trigger for me - can literally take me back to moments in my life that I would otherwise forget.
Come on...driving down a gravel road with a boy I really liked and listening to Red, Red Wine and singing along...then having him buy Strawberry wine (you know that stuff that cost like 1.50) and share it with me?
Jump, Jump by Kris Kross - those little boys that wore all their clothes backward...and deciding to dress up like that for Halloween during college...screaming the words out as we drove to the mall to buy some big jeans and sweatshirts.

Well, I tell these stories to my kids a lot. I talk about the music I listened to - so does my hubby. DS1 has soaked in a lot of this and his iPod compilation is a strange mix of Bob Marley (every song ever) along with The Fray and a little Cars thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, just got him to listen to, and remotely like, Mambo #5!

However, as with most things I assume that when I'm telling my stories to DS2 and DD, it's just for the purpose of me talking. So, I was amazed today when DS2 could answer questions about music in the car. The Cars came on and I asked who sang it? He knew...then told the story he remembered about my life and that song. Sheryl Crow came on and I asked where this singer went to college? He's my alma mater and he remembered that she lived in the sorority house right behind mine (she was there before me). He even knew Meatloaf.

There was something that sparked...he listened to me at some point - maybe multiple points. Even when he's silent and looks angry, there is something sinking in.


It's truly a revelation.

I'm not silly enough to think that it has solved anything between us. I'm not naive enough to think that he listened to everything I said. But, I'm touched, that's truly it - I'm emotionally touched that he ever cared to listen about a story of my life.

And...totally off this topic...both DD and DS2 need braces in June. The amount of stress I could let that bring right now...oh geez, brushing teeth will matter a little more...more things in the mouth to screw around with - and expensive ones at that.

Dear me...

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