Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The affect of our situation with DS2 is having an effect on DD majorly. It's not that she's doing terrible, but she's trying her darndest. She's very angry that I won't fight with her. She even made a false 'report' against me - TO ME. I'm always a bit shocked at those. She told me that I broke her finger. I'm pretty sure I'd remember breaking her finger.
I can't be that crazy.
She really tried to make that into a big deal. A really big deal.
She wanted ice and I let her get it.
She wanted me to examine the finger I had hurt so badly...I said "wow, you are so brave to let me this close to your finger after I hurt it so bad"...she just stared at me.
Her finger was swollen.
Don't know what happened and probably never will.

She is just hard-core mad right now. Things here are really, actually very calm. Strangely so, perhaps. But, she wants anger right now.

She is struggling in math and last night I took an hour of my time (spread over a few sittings) to sit with her and re-teach what she's missed at school. I really hadn't done that too many times with her because she was usually right on it. I pointed out that she needed to listen, that I'd help her however I could. We laughed and she commented on how easy it really was...but I was pretty sure she wasn't actually listening.

After our third sit down, I calmly told her that I did expect her to remember at least one problem and how we worked on it. So, tonight she knew none of it. I didn't get upset, just told her to get the papers we worked on last night and re-teach herself.

After much wailing and drama, she just came down and said:
"I'll pay you $10 to teach me this again."...
I said "ok".

So, I'm off to make a quick $10. She'll be offering it to me again soon, because I'm not expecting it to stick right now either. I will be using this money to do something fun and nice for myself...if I save long enough I can buy a nice new pair of shoes....hmmmm...

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  1. I had to chuckle some here. My daughter likes to 'bet' her money and she loses every time. She just made a bad accusation to my mother about me and bet my mom 5 bucks she was right. She couldn't really think she is right, could she?