Friday, April 30, 2010

Rah, Rah, sis-boom-bah

DD is in the middle of cheer try-outs. Her behavior had been so wonderful that she earned this privilege. We had planned to hold off on competitive cheer until next year...but she is committed to this process. I sat through the TWO HOUR clinic last night and really watched her. She wasn't chatty Cathy...she was focused.
Really focused for TWO HOURS.

Everything wasn't perfect - as little in life is...but she's so good. I was proud watching her. Not because she is good - but because she was 'putting it all on the line'. She was taking on tasks that are hard for her. I could see the frustration, but there was no melting into a small puddle. She shook it off.

She acted so mature.

When we left she said "I didn't do so good"...I looked at her and said,
"You did awesome...I saw a very strong girl out there tonight working hard on everything asked of her. You paid attention and you are a winner no matter what happens."
It's true...and I have to say it feels like a great victory...especially for her.

We find out on Sunday what team she made. I now have to buckle down and be as committed as she's lot of practice time and travel. But, if my little girl is willing to give up other things (I hate that she has to make that choice at such a young age...but softball went by the wayside as did dance) - then I'm willing to put on my taxi hat and drive, drive, drive.

The boys are very supportive of her, which is cute. I think I figure out DS1...he realizes that there will be 'older' cheerleaders at her competitions. Nothing to sneeze at when you're a teen. And DS2 just truthfully wants something good for her. He asked if I would flip (video) her performances and send them to him by email. I'll have to see if I can do that...great that he asked.

As the time draws nearer for him to start this new adventure in Kentucky, I'm working on my cheerleading skills as well. Go dude, GO! Catch up, learn life lessons, get the time away you need and PLEASE come back to me. Add that to a little dance and short skirt and I could make the cheer team as well!

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  1. M, you made me tear up with this post! Happy tears for all your kids, sounds like things are finally going in the right (right for your family) direction. You can just tell that this is a good direction, the relief is palpable.