Wednesday, May 5, 2010

birthday candles at the gym

Tomorrow is my precious little girl's birthday. She's growing up and I'm so proud of her. She's funny and motivated...she's sweet and silly...she's becoming the young lady I so hoped she could become.
She gets to work hard for her birthday - dance and tumbline evaluations. Oh yes, she made the team she had set as her goal for cheer. She is SO proud and I'm so happy to see her achieve something she set out to do! We had the team meetings tonight and realized quickly that our lives will be dominated by the gym for the next 11 months! I'm more than willing to make that committment for her...because I can see HER making the committment.
I can't wait to see her in her uniform (they jump right into this...she gets fitted in 2 weeks)...very sparkly!
So, in celebration of her birthday:

I remember the day I first saw your face
I remember the red checked dress you wore and
the stains it carried
I remember how you were willing to sit on my lap,
but not willing to really relax
I also remember 3 years later the first time you did
I remember feeling you melt into me and thinking
I finally have a little girl
I saw the changes come in waves
I saw you hold back time and again
And now I see...well, you
Growing, learning, laughing
Not just getting smarter at school,
but, more importantly - at home.
As you gain this new year in your life...
know that I want to share it all with you.
I will somday remember this year in your life...
and I will know that we became more Mom and daughter every single day.

Happy birthday my sweet little girl...


  1. aww,,, made me cry.. hard earned moment for sure! hugs!!

  2. Awww, thanks for the inspiration. Happy Birthday to your DD and Congrats on making the team!