Tuesday, May 4, 2010

March on, soldier...

Today I said my piece.

I finally called the school district. I had tried hard to 'ignore' what happened...but it's not ok. My son is heading off to KY and one of the reasons is that THEY wouldn't help us. It's just really not ok. After jumping through all the hoops and turning in all the paperwork, I have not even heard back from the principal at my kids' school...not even a phone call or email....NOTHING. So, I spoke to his boss today.

He was politically correct - but very kind. I shared nothing but the truth of the situation and he really listened to what I want from this. At this point, there isn't much to ask for...DS2 is going to the boarding school and in the end, it's the right choice for us right now. But, I am so disappointed that we weren't given any other options.

What I need to have happen now from the principal is for support with DD...she still has two more years there and I cannot continue to fight every second to simply get what she needs. It's not ok. I will always fight for my kids - but I shouldn't have to fight with their school to just be supported. My DD can't learn when her concerns are centered around manipulating her teachers...which she continues to do. The stop sign needs to be put up and SUPPORTED!

So, I said it. I said it firmly and not in anger...just in truth.

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  1. Your last couple of sentences are my life! I have given up on M's current school. She has one more year there. She has them all wrapped around her finger. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for one day and see what she does there. Instead, I get to put on a happy front for a Mother's Day tea party there on Friday. Wish me luck!