Monday, March 2, 2009

1 is the lonliest number

I should get a paycheck from my insurance company - I find more mistakes in their work than you can imagine. I usually try to tackle it every 2 weeks and still end up spending an hour documenting and talking to them on the phone. It shouldn't be this hard - but no good AT are covered on insurance and even the kid's psychiatrist is not applying our payments. At least once we hit the deductible, I lay it all in their laps - but boy, do they ever try to cheat us out of putting the money toward that deductible that should be put there. So, I'm cranky tonight...this is why I only do this insurance crap at night - no reason to ruin my whole day!
DD's meds are not working. We are past the point where he claimed we'd see a difference. If I wasn't the one giving her a pill each day - I would not even know she's taking anything. We see the doc again this week and I'm ready to pounce. We need help here. I'm not taking the "give it more time"...we may not make it. DH got home tonight to an angry kitchen. DD owed me restribution time and was 'helping' get ready for dinner. Though she was obviously using that as a chance to ruin my evening. She wouldn't follow a simple direction - couldn't complete things she's done a million times before. I continued to have her sit until she could comply or repeat to me what she was supposed to be doing. By the time he walked in - I was not being nice. I don't have time to simply drop everything happening and jump up to say hello...So, now silence. He's mad - I'm mad...but, I say it. I wait all day to have an adult conversation and then this. I'm not pleased...I can see why so many marriages end in divorce - what, 50% and add the stress from our family situation on top of it. It's tough. I feel very alone.
On a total other note - we got new family room furniture and I was so happy...then driving home I started having buyer's remorse. I was worried about the sofa being armless and the leather (I swear to you it's not 80s leather...really) - and I let it get to me so much that I went back to the store today to sit and lay on the couch. Spent a long time with that piece of furniture...grabbed pillows and really laid down - propped myself up at the end where I usually sit to do paperwork. I wanted to know that it would work - sometimes that couch is my only get away...we are going from very fluffy to very sleek. I'm happy about that because the fluffiness gets smooshed and then I'm annoyed. So, after 10 sales people asking me if they could help me and numerous customers staring blantantly - I left. It comes in a couple of days and I guess I'll only really know then...but my remorse is gone!
So - there is it...mad at insurance people, hurt by DH and ready for new furniture. That seems normal, yes?

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