Saturday, March 21, 2009

The stair that broke the camel's back

It's been a tough few days for DD. She got caught with stolen property, lied about it a lot (even when I'd stopped asking), had some yucky behavior at school, lied about it, and today...she tried to slide down our banister. That last one may not seem like a big deal - but she has actually been in full time-in all day. She's done chores, sat with me and watched basketball (which is like death to her), done extra schoolwork, memorized multiplication tables. I allowed her a 30 minute break when I could go outside with her. She got to put on make-up with me at one point. So, I actually need a minute to myself - I didn't sleep last night at all, up worrying about what to do and within 10 minutes there is noise and I find out that she got caught sliding down our banister. This is something that she knows is against the rules, it also seems that she did it at a time when she knew she would get caught. I don't get it. In as much trouble as she is, and still cannot make a good decision. I can't get through life sitting on top of her, following her around or vice versa. DH said today that we just have to 'let her make her own mistakes and pay for them'...and I get that. However, I am the keeper of the consequences and so paying for them means I'm paying a price also. It seems that I always have a child (her 99% of the time) in consequence. I still live my life - I do what I have to do - but, going anywhere, doing anything is not fun when she's obviously learning nothing from what I'm working so hard to do.

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