Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why did you come?

Today my DD told me "I didn't come all the way from Russia for this crap!". It was related to her being asked to memorize multiplication facts and obviously not wanting to. It was hilarious to me. She seems to be putting more things together. It also gave me a lovely opening to reply "I didn't go all the way to Russia for this crap either". Enough said...I didn't have to get ugly - but did get my point across I believe. She's been one argumentivite little gal lately. But, then, she shows a sign of normalcy or humor or sweetness and I realize that we are moving. Is it always the right direction? Nope...but there is movement.
She put on a stage show for DS1 and I yesterday in the basement. She had a whole restaurant set up "Anthony's Bar and Grille" and a menu and a sign that said "live stage music". Can you tell what DH and I like to do with the kids on a Friday night? Anyway, we ordered: nodle in sop, chiken nugest, and lemond (here's the thing...she's a good speller - really good - but doesn't take her time at home...likes the strange reaction to mispelling things when I'm around...however has never gotten below a 91% on a spelling test in 3 years). Then we asked when the entertainment would start. My little princess takes off her apron, stands up on a built in that they use as a stage, raises her hands above her head in total rock out stance and screams "Good night Tri-state area". I fell off my stool...where did that come from? Apparently a mindless cartoon she watched. While I was laughing she said "what does that mean?" - which cracked me up even more!!! We had fun!
I went out with my girlfriend to a play/comedy sketch show called "Girl's Only" last night. We had a great time and it's always nice to get away for an evening. While I was gone my kids (all three of them together) created what they are calling the "skate basket". They attached a laundry basket to a skateboard and are sitting in it to fly down our driveway. DH said they had a TON of fun. I haven't gotten to see it because the blizzard hit this morning and we now have about a foot of snow outside! Apparently DS1 decided they would video the big wipeouts and post them on youtube and become 'famous for being stupid' - his words, not mine. So, the boys elected DD to the be the videographer. I saw the footage - this may not be her calling. I'll let you know if they ever post can watch my wonderful kids flying down a driveway in full pads and helmet in a laundry basket while the other two scream "GO faster" and the camera bobs around wildly!


  1. Ben gets spelling tests right a lot of the time, then he spells things completely wrong when he's writing. I don't think he's able to carry over concepts from one thing to another yet, but he also tries to make as little effort as possible!!!!

  2. I can relate to the skateboard stuff but sadly it is my "big" kid (my hubby) lol

  3. It sounds like fun times at your house!

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