Thursday, March 5, 2009

The money tree and me

I'm feeling better and not so whiny (ha...I'm always whiney on here)!

So, the doc is upping DD's dosage...still need to give it time, he says. I hope for all involved that something clicks soon. I know that finding the right med (or mix of meds) can take a LONG time and I sound like a real pain for wanting immediate answers...but, it's kinda falling apart here. She's being a total pill at school - and at home - holy crap! She pulled the whole "I'm doing great thing" with doc tonight and I called her on it. Really...this is a man who can maybe, just maybe help us all and you can't be honest. UUUGGGGHHHHH! So, I have to spill it - in front of her. I was nearly crying...I don't feel like I'm asking too much. I want my 9.5 year old DD to be able to live a 9.5 year old life. You know, laugh, run, play, get dirty, make friends, tell a story (one that makes some type of sense PLEASE)...I feel like she's a 70 year old with one foot in the grave. She worries so much. He said he's leaning toward an anxiety disorder with OCD. I can see that. We aren't living like a movie of the week or anything - she doesn't have to step on certain tiles...but I have, in fact, seen her count the tiles as she steps on them. Her pillows must be in a certain order on her bed. I always saw that as a nuture thing - I'm an anal freak and I thought "oh, she got that from me"...huh...maybe not.
Good news of sorts - DD started back in tumbling/cheer. We'd had her out for behavior and honestly, I wasn't enjoying her gym. We switched gyms and she started again - much smaller classes and littler gym...but I liked it very much. The instructor started out right away letting her really show her stuff...she's good. Very blessed. She got her back tuck while we were there - had been working on it for a year or so and just threw it. It was a very proud moment and I want her to have those. There are so many things to keep her down - she's need the good. Here's hoping she can continue to hold up her end of the bargain and earn the right to continue to go.

DS2 blew something today - he had earned a privilege back and blew it quickly. What a bummer! I so want him to succeed...I feel like he loses it on purpose - things are going too good and he freaks out. He just completed a model of our digestive system - try explaining to a 10 year old that a rectum is not his penis...yes, real conversation. Then in his 'explanation paragraph' - he said "the rectum is your butthole"...ummmmm...not too scientific. I tried to stay uninvolved and he really did all the work himself. We brainstormed some ideas of articles he could use to build it and I did the hot glue. It looks good and is quality work. It's a step!

DS1 got his first 'job'. He was brave and asked the retired couple across the street if they had a lawn guy for this summer. They did not and they hired him. He's making big fact, I think they should pay him less - but as long as he takes the responsibility seriously and really follows through - it will be a great lesson. Of course, this means that DH will have a new job least for a few weeks and the decision was made that DS1 will have to pay DH for his help - an employee of sorts!

We re-started allowance last week. I am not good at following through. This time I put it on their plates. They have to give me a reminder on Sunday and I promise to get them paid by Monday. It's a set amount simply for being a good, upstanding member of the family...but should you blow that - things can cost you. If I have to do your chores (because you didn't do them or did them poorly) - then I get paid. It's a lesson to learn early. My prediction: DS1 will never have money but will have plenty of Starbucks rolling around in his belly and lots of movie money for the summer, DS2 will have a lot of money - he's my saver, DD will have a lot of little stuff that breaks in a day or gets thrown in a box. Did I mention that she used her Christmas money to buy a toy that said for "3-18 months" - I pointed it out and she didn't care - got it home, played for 2 minutes and said "this is for babies"...oh vey!

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