Thursday, December 18, 2008

$300 day experiences today abound! The following posts will hold a lot of assumptions. Unfortunately, I've learned to be really on target with my assumptions and in this instance, I'm sorry for that!
DS2 'stole' nearly $300 worth of goods today at school. I'm got a meshed up story for a few sources and am still waiting to talk to more reliable sources...but here is what I believe I know.
Friend came to school with iPod and Nintendo DS...both things that are illegal to have at school. Friend asks DS2 to "hold" these items for her, so that she doesn't get caught and get in trouble. DS2 agrees. Now, did he give these items back? Huh...seems to have had a black out moment. "I can't remember" - "I gave her SOMEthing...but I don't remember what". So, the evening has consisted of searches of backpacks, rooms and body. Next is another home where he spent some time tonight. What a fun event!
While searching his room we found DS1's lock (from school) while putting DS2 to bed I asked about the lock. He starts claiming he found the lock at the park., what lock? He can't tell me. Why does the lock you found at the park have DS1's combination? OH, that lock...yes, that belongs to my brother.
Are you as confused as I am? It seems that when I asked about a lock, his first reaction was to make something up. I believe that he thinks I'm stupid...ok, yes, he does think I'm stupid. No, I need the "I'm with stupid" tee shirt.
I get this eerie feeling of the future...when a man commits murder and asks DS2 to 'hold' the gun...I guess he'll agree. I don't have bail out money saved up - college money, yes - bail out funds, no.
My assumption at this point is that the said items (or at least one of them) is in the back of his messy desk...I think that he believed Friend would forget he had it and I wouldn't notice after Christmas break when he randomly brought home a new electronic. I also suspect that he felt he could hide it from me long term. Again, stupid, right?
I wonder if a bail out fund has any tax breaks attached?

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