Tuesday, December 16, 2008

homework hell

It's not even .1 percent as bad as it used to be. I put so much stinking stock into grades. I got good grades, and heavens knows I'm not a rocket scientist - so I expect them to get good grades. DH will point out to me that he didn't do so well in school and yet, does well in life...
I digress.
So, I used to get so caught up in them succeeding that I made it a battle ground. Seriously, shoot me down, chase me back to my foxhole, coming out with guns ablazing...a REAL BATTLE. I'm done with that. In fact, I don't even let them know it upsets me. They do it, I check it and I send a report to their teacher. The consequence should be and is at home. BTW, the teachers are incredible to us this year...very supportive and understanding. However, while I stay emotionally uninvolved on the surface - underneath I boil. DS1 is in middle school and it's tough. He's a bright kid and I see the amount of work he has and the effort it takes him and I'm scared for DS2 and DD. Really. We aren't that far away from those years...yikes!
I constantly think I should hold them back - give them another year to grow and learn. But DD is already old (on the calendar) for her grade...and DS2 is average according to all testing that has been done.
Anyway, the hell is in my head - obviously. At least for now...

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  1. After a major meltdown on my part last week, I just vowed to give up on the school work battle. I cannot work with my daughter anymore. It is bad for my health. Is that pathetic or what?! So now it is out of my hands...for a week so far. It's been tough to keep my mouth shut and not show any emotion when I see her working with my husband or the high school girl I hired to tutor her. So tough. I wonder how long I will last?