Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas night - all the gifts are torn open and dark has settled in. I would give the day a 85% - solid B. Which really is pretty darn good. NO melt downs...however a lot of droopy faces. Kids seem to really want something, then mess with it for an hour and they are done. We let go of our strict schedule today - thinking they had new things and would be able to entertain themselves. The boys have actually done great...DD...not so great. She hates being alone. I don't mean actually shut off from others - even if she's in the room and we aren't in constant interaction with her, she's miserable. Some see it and think she's just a "ham"...but it's more than that. She does not want to be alone with herself! And, really I think she could find a lot to like about that little girl...I know that I continue to find things!
I ran through some mini time-ins without calling it that...just asking for help when I could see her losing it. The ogres we are, we made her sit and watch "A Christmas Story" - wow, she was such a wiggler I was thankful she hadn't sat on the same couch with me!
DD got a kareoke machine today (I have no clue how to spell that)!!! I LOVE IT! It has all these great songs from the "olden days" (per her) - like Workin for the Weekend (go Loverboy!) and Material Girl (before Madonna was a total freak)! I rocked out with her for a long time today.
DS2 is keeping busy putting together a 700+ piece lego monstocity...but, he's being quite diligent and hasn't had a melt down. I think I will re-direct him in a bit so that we don't get overload.
With all the sweets flowing and total lack of structure today - we did really well!
Here's hoping that each of you also had a Merry day and many more to come!!!


  1. i'm so glad your day was good. so glad.
    sleep well.

  2. Sounds like Christmas day went well, M!