Monday, December 15, 2008

baby, it's cold outside

Wow...really cold. I think it was -4 at bedtime last night. I feel blessed that we are all still toasty warm in here. We really are lucky.
I just sent a 12 year old to school with no coat. You see, there are no lockers at his middle school and he can't be so uncool as to carry a coat around all day (I kinda get that I guess) he freezes. Granted, they get a ride to school and home from school on these freezing days, but there is still a mom gene inside me that feels guilty when he leaves. I'm supposed to protect him.
Which brings us to DS2 and DD. We have therapy tonight - our second session for the kids. DD wanted to make our therapist, XYX, a picture and note telling him how wonderful he is for helping kids. I wouldn't let her since she tells me she never wants to go back, she doesn't like him, etc. That is fine with me - this isn't supposed to be fun. They have so many things to work through. Last night she shared with me that she hates it when I expect her to talk to me. "I don't know why I feel the way I do and I don't care". Yes, Virginia, there are issues here!
We started looking at photos with her in them...I had an idea that I had noticed a theme and wanted to see if she saw it too. In 90% of the pictures of our family - we all stand together and she is a couple of feet away. In the ones where she is close, you can tell that myself or DH are holding her in. was totally overwhelming. My own DD doesn't want to stand next to us, doesn't want to touch us. Flip side, when she wants something she kisses me a million times, hugs us all over, tells us (in her adorable little girl voice) how lucky she is to have, I question this: how will I ever know that it's true?

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  1. My daughter only loves me when people are around. Then she interrupts to give me a gripping hug and say in her fake baby voice, " Awwww, I love you Mommy! You the best Mommy!" Then I peel her off and push her to the side to finish my conversation. Yeah, that doesn't go over so well with outsiders who don't know our story.