Monday, April 20, 2009

chicks unite

Today was a pretty good day around here. The kids didn't have school...if anyone is keeping track, it seems my kids are never in school. Or perhaps that is just the stress of filling a long day talking! At any rate, today worked ok. Gives me hope for this summer!
We watched Slumdog Millionaire this morning. I had raved about this movie since the moment I saw it. I bought it the day it came out on DVD - and I never do that. I felt the story was incredible and I didn't know how to say that it was so great, but yet I couldn't share it with them. I knew I could show it to DS1...questioned DS2 and really downright thought it was a mistake to try with DD. However, against that judgement - I went for it. And, they all sat and paid attention and loved it as much as I did. We talked about it afterward and they got a lot of the symbolism. Small don't read the rest of this paragraph if you haven't seen it. The fact that, in the end, Salim put his brother's life and happiness ahead of his was a biggie for them. How does someone love someone else that much even after they did bad things to them? Was it guilt or true giving? Why did he have to die in a tub of money? If 'it is written' does that mean we can't change the course of our lives?

OK, come back to me now...After the movie we headed up to the orthodontist. It's about a mile from our house and I was determined to have a no car day - I do my small part for the planet from time to time. So, we set out to walk and dang, the sidewalks weren't clear from our big snow. So, I had to relent and go get the car. I didn't think that walking on a major street with three kids was the greatest plan...even in the name of saving the Earth. When we returned home the kids were having a snow fight - mind you, it was 75 here today, but still about a foot or so of snow on the grass...melting fast and wet and soggy everywhere. So, DD decides she doesn't want to play since she's getting pelted. She cries and I invite her in. I decided to have some chick time. The boys were busy (more on that in a moment). So, I did her full make-up. We disscussed good choices in that department and bad ones. Then I dressed her up and took pictures. We played model. She posed and showed off and I snapped away. We went around the house finding cool places to take pics and I got some great shots. It was a really nice time together. I wish I could post pics here - but I'm trying to keep some things private (including their faces). I'm oh-so-proud of my little beauty...but I'm holding myself back. She was kind and fun and loving as we did this. She's also proud - wanted Dad to look at the pics as soon as he got home. I'll be framing some of those for sure!
On the boy front...DS1 has been texting a girl 24/7 since Friday and today he and DS2 went to the park across the street to meet up with this girl and her friend. I'm trying to be cool and not ask a million questions...but it is KILLING ME! He's not 'hiding' anything...he's answered all I've asked. No, she's not his girlfriend - yes, she's nice to him - uhhhh, she's cute. I think he took DS2 as his 'beard'...he said something about needing to take his brother sledding to 'help out' mom. I didn't ask him to - but hey, they were getting along. After 2 long hours at the park, DS1 looks pretty happy. I have to say that I'm at the threshold with this we are - girls, boys, hormones, love and I this old?
DD and I later went to our neighbor's house to help a couple of girls that are trying out for cheerleading. It was a great thing for DD to see that others view her as great at something. Older girls looking at her for advice and her getting to be a teacher to someone...imparting wisdom. It made her feel good and I could tell because she gave me numerous unsolicited hugs while we were there.
One funny thing - DD told the girls that she is strong because mom makes her do exercise when she gets in trouble (this is true...we believe in physical exercise as a consequence and to re-direct active little bodies)...she pointed out that on really bad days she can do hundreds of pushups. Then she said "mom sometimes knows best...look how strong I am in my body now". Ha, ha...insert evil laugh here!

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