Saturday, April 18, 2009

inside out

The newest twist is wearing clothes inside out or backwards. It's all on DD...and I'm trying SO HARD to not let it bait me. The other day when I totally ignored the shirt on backwards and the earrings on upside down, she nearly lost it.
"Hey mom, did you look at my earrings?"
They are very pretty!
"Did you see if they look right?"
If you think they are good, so do I!
"Does my shirt look weird?"
No, it looks nice!

She stomped upstairs and came back down with the clothes/earrings on right. What does she want out of these interactions??? Is there respite care for adults or is it just a large bottle of alcohol???


  1. Nastia does the same thing...constantly puts on clothing; largely shirts, inside-out. Drives me bananas, but I don't even bother to comment anymore.

  2. I vote for alcohol, you can kill many birds with one stone with this option!!!!