Monday, April 13, 2009

Just say no to drugs

I hate this med that DD is taking...I really feel like it's correlated to a lot of the bad stuff that's been going on around here. We are cycling her down, but I just want her off. Yes, I did some research the first day we got the script - but I figured the doc knew that it would work. Obvioulsy, I should know that psychiatry (especially for children?) seems to be a hit and miss science. If this doc doesn't understand my concerns and agree with me soon, I'll have to change docs. She became so angry and oppositional. Those who know our stories know that she is often 'difficult'...but this was more. So, cycling down - calling today to tell them I want her off and we need to move on to something new or someone new.
Easter was a dreary weather day here. We need the moisture, so I can't complain. We had family in town that my DH hasn't seen in a very long time (I'm talking 20+ years) and my kids were all very happy to meet new cousins/uncles and see grandma again. I didn't cook, so it was a success in my eyes. We had the best shrimp I have ever eaten (courtesy of Costco...what can't that place do???) and a lovely assortment of other items. DS1 was very into the day - he talked and told stories and shook hands and seemed all around agreeable. Needless to say, that is a bit of a rarity around here lately. Just now he asked when he could have his phone back. I didn't even remember that I had it! I have obviously taken it one too many times, just part of life now. However, I know I've had it since Thursday - so the fact that he hadn't asked a thousand times was enough to earn it back this morning. Did you know that discussing the difference between submersibles and submarines can cause a family feud? Neither did I! But, he tried yesterday and was shocked to see that I actually did what I said I would. I sent him out of the room calmly, reminding him that "we aren't going to argue about pointless subjects anymore". He cooled off and rejoined us in a much better mood! The day was enjoyable.
DH's older uncle had told all the other family members that "two Russians" live here with us. That doesn't bother me...I don't get tied up in all the titles and political correctness most of the time. Of course, we generally wouldn't even talk about the adoption...but the family brought it up as they didn't know anything about it. Interestingly, it took awhile, but I found out that they didn't know which 2 kids were adopted from Russia and none of them could figure it out. They also didn't know that they'd only been home three years and assumed they'd been adopted as infants, etc. I take this as a victory...we can all assimilate into normalcy. For sure, they would have known nothing if they hadn't been told. There are times that I have to wave the adoption flag - hoping to get help for my kids or hoping to not look totally crazy when they do things. But, yesterday we told the good stories: the funny stuff about our trips, the hilarious things DS2 and DD said as they learned English. In doing all this I realized how much I can brag on them. Come on, I have two kids who spoke NO English 41 months ago - NONE...and now they read on grade level, do most work on grade level and have these whole personalities which are cute and fun when not in battle with me. I'm really very proud!
I have to tell a funny story and this is not to start a political debate...but it was a yet another moment when I knew that she was mine (even in her heart). Uncle X is a staunch democrat - a great fundraiser in that community. He's written a book and met most of the big players in the party. He had pictures of Obama, Hilary, Pelosi...and is very proud of them (hey, I get that totally)! I had told the kids that we were not going to discuss politics, but they also didn't have to listen to things that made them uncomfortable. So, he was showing his pictures and talking about a lot of stuff and the boys made their exit while DD stayed to charm. I eventually pulled her out to have lunch. For Easter she got Horton hears a Who gift set, which included a stuffed Horton. Towards the end of the day Uncle X saw her with the elephant and said "why on Earth are you playing with an elephant? Are you a republican or something?"...she calmly turned her head and said "yes I am, but it's nothing to argue about"! I had to leave the room because I was about to die of laughter. While it didn't please Uncle X...I did stand up for her and mention how polite she'd been to listen to his stories and look at his pictures. We all changed the subject quickly and ignored the comments that followed! But, I was proud of her for being calm and focusing on the task at hand - to have a nice Easter!
I hope you all had a great Easter as well!!!

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