Sunday, April 26, 2009

The dead parents game

I'm still on my high from reading Dandelion and I've been very proud of myself. Although DD was really pushing my buttons this morning, I thought I handled it very well. When I woke up (I actually slept in people...) and went downstairs, DD had placed her reading log on my desk. That was a good start - it was exactly where I ask for it to be and she hadn't come to wake me or pester me for 'where to put it' - we've only been doing the reading log for 36 or so weeks! As I looked at it I saw that she claimed to have read for an hour this morning - from 8:30 (when she's allowed to get out of bed) to 9:30. I wouldn't normally question it, she likes to read and she sometimes saves it up for a big 'all at one time read-in'...EXCEPT...the clock told me it was only 9:10. Since I could hear her downstairs playing with her brothers, I was guessing that she wasn't reading down there or telepathically.
I called her up and said: you sure did read for a long time this morning - what did you read?
Blah, blah, blah
Wow, are you reading downstairs? Because this says you read until 9:30.
No, I did read until 9:30.
Interesting, it's only 9:10.
Oh, I started at 8:10.
Hmmm, you aren't supposed to be up until 8:30.
Cry, stomp...pout.

I asked two times for the truth - and didn't get it...then I stated the truth and she repeated me grudgingly. I gave her the consequence (having to read again for the full time and being in her room for awhile) and sent her on her way with a hug and "I'm so proud you could repeat the truth".

We went to DS1's baseball game. She had some time in with me and then I allowed her to go play with the other siblings in line of sight. They were role playing something and she came over and said (loudly in front of our whole crowd)...We are playing a game where my parents are dead and I have to find new ones. I'm looking all over the world, because I know they aren't here!

Ah, youth! Apparently, my sweet demeanor is pissing her, I'm dead in her game. The mom next to me said "I've never heard of that game" and I said - oh, she plays it every day!

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