Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You really made me feel good today!

There are moments in our worlds where all the stars align. Moments that can take your breath away and they are never the moments you plan. Today was an incredibly nice and special day. DD awoke today with a renewed attitude. She was loving and kind and fun this morning. She came home with hugs and a still loving attitude. She caught up on the chores that she has been avoiding and did so with an attitude of gratitude! She is totally 100% caught up.
DS2 has been having another good day. Tonight was his first track practice for the new competitive team he joined. He has been so nervous and really playing it up that he 'can't do it' and won't be good. I sent him off with hugs and positive words of how great I knew he could do. When I picked him up, he was beaming and a coach came over to tell me that he is quite a wonderful distance runner. The coach went on about his pace and stride and I could see him puffing up. I'm SO HAPPY for him. He didn't want to be a distance runner, but tonight - he'll be anything because he's stoked to have someone think he's so good at something! We went to the park when we got home and played catch. As we were walking home he said "you really made me feel good today!" And, I said the same thing - he is making me feel good!
While DS2 was at practice DD remained compliant and fun. We ran an errand and she was helpful and sweet. I then took her to a large park that we don't often get to go to...she played and even made 'friends' with a girl her age. When I told her we needed to go, she ran to me easily and hugged me. She thanked me for taking her to the park.
Even DS1 is being very cool. Of course, I believe he's trying to earn back the cell phone that I currently have in my possession. But, he came home with actual hugs and he took responsibility for playing with the dogs and even did his chore well and quickly.
So, all in all - today took my breath away! I hope to not get it back for a long time...

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