Thursday, January 15, 2009

acting like a kid

You know, my DD does not often act like a kid. She can't really simply let go of her anxiety and control and relax. I must say, she did last night (to a point...but big for her). We attended the bull riding competition and she was silly. She danced to the music and cheered loudly for the bull riders. She was paying attention to things that kids pay attention to - the men on horses, the fireworks...and actually enjoying them! It was a really lovely thing to see. She sat on my lap willingly in between events and told me once (totally spontaneous) "I'm having fun and I love you mom"
It was so worth the price of admission!


  1. I bet those words felt so wonderful to your ears...way to make a step forward...D

  2. there is magic in a rodeo--horse magic infects the spectators and wraps them up. what a great night!

  3. There are just some times when the sun comes shining through!