Sunday, January 11, 2009

random thoughts

Life has been pretty good these last few days. The medications seems to really be helping since DS2 has had 6 GREAT days. Still tries to annoy me, but it's very minor in comparison to our bad days. However, DD is still on full red flag alert and yucky to be around! DS1 - well, he's 12 and his friends are 13 and therefore he is acting like a teenager!

Random thoughts and happenings:
1. DS1 got in the car on Friday in a snit. Didn't know what it was about (neither did he). He wanted some picture to be his phone wallpaper and couldn't get it to work - heaven forbid, I figured it out and that made him even madder. (I'm supposed to be a dork who can't do those things)...
2. Fast forward to that evening - he was out with friends (what kind of mom lets a nasty pre-teen go hang out with friends...a VERY TIRED one) and he called to apologize. Nothing else...he didn't ask permission to do something, didn't realize that he had forgotten to tell me something...nope, just apologize and sound remorseful. I even got hugs without request that night when he got home. Maybe I'm not doing it all wrong!
3. DS1 wants a facebook account. When asked what he would do with it, his answer was "tell other people I have one". So...I'm thinking he doesn't even know what it is. At the mention that we don't feel good about that right now, he's being polite...but we are back to being "losers", oh well, I should get used to it there!
4. DS2 is finding his one last stand of misbehavior is to try to mess up his schedule and "forget" what time it is: as in "oh, I'm supposed to take my shower 15 minutes ago???" It's a small price to pay for the other great behavior and we charge 5 minutes off early to bed for each reminder that we have to give. So, he's been going to bed about 10 minutes early.
5. DS2 has NOT had any other consequences for SIX days. You heard me - SIX days...I'm seeing the greatness in this. He's noticing it too...he got an A+ in behavior at school the other day - first time ever. Teacher says he's helpful and kind and seems to be paying better attention - he brought home an A- on his math test and homework has not been a fight with him in a few weeks!!!
6. DD is the most anxiety ridden child. She just worries about anything that crosses her plate. She's so proud when she can tell us about the miniscule fact she remembered from 6 weeks ago that she is worrying about today. Like it's a contest or something. Her results are not positive from us...but she gets some kind of personal reward. I'm counting down to her seeing the psychiatrist - I'm praying for some anxiety meds. I can't imagine living like she does everyday!
7. DD is quite upset that DS2 is being good. Him getting positive kudos from us kills her. I don't mix his good with her bad (like I don't talk about it at the same time)...but I also don't make up good stuff to say about her. Yesterday, I was telling DH in the car about something that had happened with DS2 - a good decision he made that morning. DD says "oh he's so great and I stink...I can't do anything right". WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! None of us said anything - later I spoke directly to her quietly and said "you can do things right and good and you simply choose not to. If you want me to tell Daddy about great things you do, then do some!" She was quiet for awhile!
8. My kids are playing nicely together more often. Enough said...

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  1. wow - some really great things happening. i hope this next week is a continuation!

    and i hope your daughter gets an Rx if she has anxiety. i've been thru having a child with anxiety and the meds gave him his mental health back.

    hang in!!