Sunday, January 4, 2009

School holiday (for me)

Tomorrow the kids go back to school! The angels in heaven are singing the chorus right now. I think it's a good time for this to be happening...we are all getting sick of each other. I have exactly NOTHING planned and that makes me happy!

We did get to see the doc on Saturday. It was just our pediatrician and can I just say that having a good ped is a lifesaver. He listened to my crazy talk, all that's going on and the fact that we are in the final stages of knowing what to do. He commented on which things could be related to attention issues and how everything obviously ties in attachment. As soon as I said that we are dealing with attachment issues with both kids, he looked so kind and gentle. He did all he could, which was to start DS2 on Concerta for the ADD issues (I would not say he has hyperactivity issues). I'm hoping this helps at school especially as I don't want him to slip right back into his very negative behavior there. It's only day 2...and today was a really good day for him. I'm sure it's not because of the med, but I just feel happy that we ended on a high note. DS1 and DS2 played together - yes, actually played - and I was happy to see DS1 being a kid (it's so tough to do that when you want to be "cool" all the time) and DS2 getting attention from a person he really does seem to idolize a bit. They argue so much that the last two days of relative peace have been strange in the most amazing way.
Now, DD is a different story. She is very bossy in play and the boys simply didn't allow her to play. I can't force them to include her all the time, because she honestly isn't fun to play with. They did acquiesce today and let her play for about 2 hours. We watched a movie tonight - and since DS2 and DD are grounded from plug-in time right now...they were very pleased with that choice! DD has just seemed lost for a few days. She really pushes - but as I've said before, at my house if one is having a good day, the other falls apart. So, bedtime is fast approaching and the end of this holiday break. I really do think that we all continue to work towards the final goal. While we aren't where I want to be right now - I'm still hopeful!


  1. One day at a time! One day at a time ....


  2. i'm glad to read this update. and i'm praying for you and your kids.