Monday, January 12, 2009

Home beautiful

I'm having fun! We decided to not go on spring break vacation this year and use the money toward some things we want to do in the house. We always think about moving - I want bigger bedrooms for the kids, another bathroom, etc. But, our house is really just fine and I can't stomach the idea of a larger mortgage payment (although the real estate deals around here are crazy would we ever sell our house?). So, I'm having fun getting some things done that I've been wanting to do for some time. I will readily admit that I am constantly changing little things around here...what vase is on which table and what picture hangs on what wall (drives DH crazy...all the patched holes)...however, I'm cheap. Honestly, I am. I can't stand paying full price for anything and I will not make any remotely big purchase without DH totally approving. So, the other day he says - "why don't you go ahead and get whatever you've been wanting for the foyer". AAAAAHHHHHHH...a free shopping pass. I don't think he realized it - but I went right out that day and spent three hours at the huge furniture warehouse. Really had a blast - no one rushing me and I found great stuff at prices that I felt were quite fair. I hauled it home myself and even moved it in (with the use of a skateboard and looked like a fool, I'm sure) and set it all up. I lit the candles before he got home and took him in the front room to impress him and he said "what am I looking at?"! Men...there's a new dresser thingy, new vases, new art on the walls, new nesting tables...more new vases...only like 10 things. Oh well...he admits now that it looks very nice!
The new stuff I'm ready to do (in leiu of our trip) is to re-paint the kitchen and family room (maybe laundry room), have new curtains made for the living room (I've decided to jump in and do the curtains all the way to the ceiling - 22 feet) and maybe even new flooring for the house. Right now I have huge swatches of different paints all over my kitchen, which DH shot down this morning. I'm getting quotes tomorrow and wanting to go out and get more paint samples today - but it finally decided to snow and apparently, I shouldn't go out. I guess I'm not a real good driver!
We also got a new computer yesterday. Now, I had kept my old computer for EIGHT years...same printer too. The guy couldn't believe it had lasted that long...but it was breaking down for sure. It will be the kids computer now if I could ever figure out how to get it to work on the wireless network. I guess I'll be paying someone to do that...crud (my cheap gene kicks in again)!
I think it could be a "negative" that I have such a high off working on the house - but lately, I've needed something to make me this stoked. If that's all it takes, perhaps I'll remodel something once a week (ok, I would like to stay married, so this will not be happening). Everytime I see my psych for a med eval, he asks if I've been shopping excessively - obviously a big thing for bi-polar folks. Will I have to say yes this time?
The kids are good...we always have trouble getting DS1 out of the house on time on Mondays. He's really hit the sleep in phase (hey, I'd like to sleep in too, but if I don't get him up, he won't wake up) he flew out the door this morning without brushing his teeth - YUCK! DS2 would not wear his snow boots and has on cloth tennis shoes in the very sloppy snowy rain. I held my tongue and wet feet won't kill him - although perhaps he'll decide I'm not stupid since I did tell him snowboots would be a wise choice! He'll never admit it. DD spent breakfast telling me a lovely story about dog puke and her bare feet - must admit I tuned out at some point.

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