Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There is a new president at our house

And, no - I'm not talking about Obama.

DS1 got a presidential position for his upcoming International Towne field trip. Big news around here - there are 117 kids that interviewed and only about 20 president - type positions. He is really honored. So, then mister President comes home to share with me (at least he came forward and was honest) that he has a D in Science and a C in work habits in math. Not exactly the impressive record I would hope to see in him...he can do so much better. He promises that he can get both of those up and although I still heard some "it's not my fault" - I forced him to take responsibility! Hey, if he's going to be president he has to learn to take the blame for things that are and are not his fault.

I interviewed these kids today - 117: 12 and 13 year olds. Well...the future of our nation says "ummmmmm" a lot and "I don't know" as well. Some of them were so impressive though that I walked away feeling pretty good about this countries chances! As long as the CEOs can skype and text instead of writing on paper - we're set to go!!!

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